The current expenditures of constructing or renovating commercial marinas, wharfs, and docking facilities are significant. Cost conscious developers and stakeholders should consider the life cycle of their assets. To augment the life cycle of such seawall/bulkhead construction projects and repairs; builders, architects, and marine structural engineers are recommending the use of screw pile anchor systems. The life cycle costs of our hot dipped galvanized helical pilings are less than that of wood, steel, or concrete in specific applications.

Beyond the excellent durability of “Chance” helical/screw pilings, marina owners and developers will also benefit from the exceptional qualities of our helical piling and tie-back screw anchors. Their uniform size and exceptional diversity provide resistance to rot and rust which complement the overall cost of facility repairs and renovations. Construction and restorations with our screw pilings and anchors will ensure that your project shall be designed with the latest technology and ingenuity.

Large seawall/bulkhead projects will also significantly benefit from the efficiency of our screw pilings and helical tie-back anchors. They make installing supplemental tie-backs anchors a far superior choice for seawall stabilization for failing seawalls/bulkheads. In many cases, the screw anchors can be driven beneath existing hardscapes, mature landscaping and underground utilities greatly reducing remedial costs.
Screw anchor tiebacks are superior to traditional steel/concrete dead-men anchors because they remove the need for soil excavation and can be installed swiftly and load tested immediately. Holding capacity is proportional to the installation torque of each anchor.

A supplemental screw anchor tie-back system may be used if both the concrete seawall, steel sheet piling, vinyl panels and cap are in good condition. A secondary screw anchor, once professionally installed and maintained, may extend the life of the seawall/bulkhead approximately 10 to 15 years If you want to maximize the life of your investment and eliminate the worry of replacing your seawalls or bulkheads in the next 10, 15, or 20 years, specify the best; Coastal Foundation Solutions.


Minimize construction in sensitive areas by using the Coastal Foundation Solutions screw piling foundation system for boardwalks and docks. Boardwalks and docks in fragile areas like marshes, wetlands, and sand dunes may easily be upgraded by utilizing screw pilings for foundation support. This aspect allows enjoyment of the surrounding nature while delivering an exceptional ecologically sound solution where construction impact would be environmentally devastating.

The installation of H.D.G. screw piers for boardwalks eliminates chemically treated wood pilings from being installed into precious and sensitive wetlands. Helical pile boardwalks are being specified by coastal engineers in all environmentally sensitive preserves throughout Florida.

Typically, the boardwalk system consists of screw piers which are 2 7/8″ diameter hot dipped galvanized steel shafts with various helical plate configurations at the bearing end of each pile. The specialized hydraulic drive head aides in the installation of the pile as it rotated down into competent bearing strata.

This screw pile system is perfect not only for this purpose, but for many other applications where access and equipment concerns are requirements.

The small equipment utilized for pile installation minimizes the impact on the existing vegetation and foliage. This design also allows for top-down construction on specific projects which totally eliminates equipment coming into contact with the preserve terrain.

Screw Piles are very enduring and will survive for many decades. Helical piles and screw anchors are always hot dipped galvanized coated to ensure their longevity.


We maintain a fleet of hydraulic excavators with matching anchor drives to take on any project challenge. A hydraulic drive gear motor mounted on a 4,000 to 50,000 pound excavator is employed to screw the hot dip galvanized helical pile through the soil as torque is monitored. Torque capacities are monitored throughout the installation procedure with a Digital Torque Indicator.



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