Swimming Pools are a beautiful addition to any southwest Florida home. They provide a means of entertainment as well as countless memories of family gatherings and children growing up. For homeowners and builders alike, the selection of a quality and reputable pool contractor is paramount. Additionally, it is imperative that your pool contractor recognize project soils and that site conditions can fluctuate vastly from house to house . The very last event anyone needs is for a substantial asset, such as a swimming pool, to descend and sink due to improper foundation support.

A new pool when improperly supported may experience a slight shift in soil and ground conditions over a period of time. Pools are designed to be watertight enclosures and if fractured, water leakage will occur eventually eroding and undermining the original pool foundation and triggering major seepage difficulties.

Southwest Florida’s coastal environment is basically a silt filled swamp, teeming with muddy sediment, saltwater, and even lime rock. It is imperative that you direct your pool contractor to explore soil conditions prior to proceeding with any pool design or construction!


The purpose of a soils evaluation is to determine in general terms, the soil and groundwater conditions found at your project site to evaluate the subsurface environment. This report also includes information relative to site preparation and the design/construction of the foundations for your new swimming pool and retaining walls.

To the extent of your soil discovery, the engineers scope of services usually include the following:

  • Exploring the subsurface soil and groundwater conditions at the site location of the structure with usually two (2) Standard Penetration Test (SPT) borings to depths of approximately 25 to 40 feet below existing grade.
  • Completing visual inspection and classification of all soil conditions and samples by our engineer.
  • Compiling the field exploration information as well as our clarifications and examinations in the report for use by the Client/Contractor for planning the project.

It Costs Too Much!

Coastal Helical Solutions routinely hears this specific phrase from pool contractors and clients. The average soil boring analysis cost between $ 3,000 to $ 4,000 to perform. The majority of individuals feel this is an excessive cost which drives the cost of the pool project higher. Numerous pool contractors rarely secure a soils analysis because of the additional expense and competitive costs between pool contractors. Many times they attempt to inform the customer but do not push for the report out of fear they will lose the project.


Because of the immense structural support and speedy installation of helical piles, helical anchors have become the go-to piling when it comes to the deep foundations required for swimming pools. Some of the many benefits of helical anchors include but are not limited to minimal site disruption, minimal vibrations, quick install, low mobilization costs, and compact equipment essential for the installation process.


The procedure begins with pool contractor removing excess soil from the pool area and creating a frame for the new pool. The pool contractor provides an entry ramp for our equipment access into the pool excavation. Helical piles are drilled into the ground after the pool contractor completes excavation.

The helical piles are then drilled to previously calculated depths dependent on soil and strength of the ground beneath. After the torque is determined accurate by an engineer in accordance with all variables (helical depth, soil, ground resistant, etc.) , the top of the pile is fitted with a square H.D.G. steel termination head that is integrated into the pool concrete structure.

Since the anchors are installed deep in the stable soil and to the exact torque, the pool foundation is immediately ready to be poured. The hot dipped galvanized helical anchor creates an incomparable support that will last for countless years as opposed to simply installing a concrete pool foundation without the assistance of helical foundation piling.

Helical pilings are usually recommended for unstable soil areas. However, they benefit all types of footings due to their longevity and strength. Helical pilings can be designed to hold upwards of a couple hundred tons if necessary. If you are contemplating the construction of a new pool, relocation of your current one, or even considering a complete remodel we are your solution for a solid foundation.

Our helical piles are an inexpensive and efficient reinforcement for many foundation applications, including both swimming pools and spas. Our minimal equipment footprint and thoroughly tested materials make it the perfect choice for securing not only the structural integrity of the pool, but peace of mind for our clients. Disturbance to the surrounding landscaping isn’t an issue with our support system and most helical pile pool projects can expect to be completed within a matter of days.


Coastal Helical Solutions takes pride in our work and are dedicated to delivering you the helical foundation support you need. We have successfully completed numerous pool projects and maintain happy customers all over Southwest Florida. A transparent business model coupled with honest, reliable work are some attributes that aid in showcasing why we often are chosen as Southwest Florida’s top provider for Helical Pile Solutions.



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