Matlacha, is a easily strolling, beautiful waterfront enclave complete with bright colorful main street stores and restaurants. The energy is cheerful and relaxed, and regarded as one of Southwest Florida’s gems to both residents and tourists alike.

The serenity of this island makes it really stand out compared to the noise and crowds of the surrounding cities of Fort Myers and Cape Coral. It’s a great place to come if you want to spend some time wondering through art galleries and listening to the local music, while feeling completely relaxed.

The waterfront owner has elected to demolish his existing home and construct a modern winter vacation home. The bayfront views from the existing home were spectacular, with irreplaceable views. The house was a uniquely designed Southwest Florida stilt home.


The access road leading to the owners waterfront lot was a non-conforming lane. The road was only a mere ten foot wide with house five foot away from edge of narrow road. Consequently, conventional pile driving equipment and a crawler crane could not access the property. The house foundation was redesigned and engineered to utilize new helical foundation piling. In concurrence, additional helical piling were required within the foundation because of poor subsurface soil conditions.

Waterfront view preferences dictate new home designs with a specific attention to panoramas and vistas. This particular new homeowner elected to construct a home on property he owned for twenty-five years on a dead end street. The access road was only ten foot wide with no turn around locations or round about. This would be exceptionally challenging for us to secure equipment and material to the new home site. The Goodwin Construction team turned to Coastal Foundation Solutions to assist them in their endeavors to install a deep helical foundation system.



When our guys were finally cleared to work, it was time for Coastal Foundation Solutions to transport all of the essential equipment for driving helical piles: trucks, trailers, excavators, and pile materials onto the site. Fortunately, as we specialize in helical pile technology, the transport portion of the project was relatively seamless. Only small trucks were necessary to move all the installation equipment into place. Our specialized fleet of micro equipment allowed us to access the confined site and perform the helical piling project, flawlessly.


A combination of thirty-four (34) new construction piers were chosen to stabilize the new home foundation. The helical pilings consisted of a “Chance”  10”/12”/14” lead section (2.875-inch OD by 0.203-inch wall) hollow round shaft with an configuration on the lead sections to sustain a design working tension load of 12 kips.

Our Caterpillar  305 CR excavator with a specialized hydraulic drive system powered by a 10k Pro-Dig drive head was utilized to install the foundation piling. The installation torque was continuously observed throughout the installation with a torque indicator. In addition, Russell and Russell provided quality pile monitoring on the project.

  • The helical pile lengths ranged from 21’ to 84’ in depth. Upon completion of the helical pile installation, couplings and terminations were imbedded into a concrete footer.
  • Thirty-Four (34) “Chance” 2 7/8” round shaft helical piles with an 10”-12” 14” triple-helix lead section were installed into substrate.
  • The excavator progressed the extensions to lengths on the order of 21-84 feet to achieve final installation torques.
  • The ultimate capacity design for the small wooden structure was a working compressive load of 12 kips.
  • Seventy-two (72) “CHANCE” (RS2875.203) round helical extensions were installed to corresponding capacities to secure compression load design load requirements.
  • A Hot Dipped Galvanized termination plate is then affixed on top of the pile and encased into the new concrete foundation.

With Coastal Foundation Solutions pile expertise, there is no hammering and little chance of debris shooting away and striking adjacent homes, windows or passenger cars. Alternate methods of foundation construction would have made a real mess of the surroundings, and disrupted adjacent structures.

The job was completed in just two days. This project was a great experience for our team, and provided an opportunity for Coastal Foundaiton Solutions to exceed the expectations of our client.


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